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Friday, September 16, 2016


"Just when I think you've outdone yourself, you present a new series that surpasses your last. It's always a continual feast at your house, with fresh, savory delicacies that satisfy cravings for truth. Loved the last two messages. 
Really, really good!"
- DS

"I absolutely loved your message Sunday. Whatever we call something, so shall it be.
I have thought about it over the past days."
- FM

 "That has changed the way I see myself. I had never realized the bible said that until you pointed it out and I have read it through and through dozens of times."
- DC

"Excellent word Sunday! Much you have said before, but the total emphasis, 
and understanding that everything becomes to Spirit, what we call it. 
That makes me want re-examine much going forward."

 "WOW!!! Loved it!"
- DC

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