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Sunday, June 28, 2015


"I watched the service today as I typically do. I don't know what it was, but, like you said, "You changed the energy" in the room today. There was a like a harmony the turned into unison with the energy and it seem to be the most electrifying service at METRON that I've experienced and watched. Just wanted to reach out like I would if I were there and let you know it. Have a wonderful week."
- RN

"Today at Metron Service. What a great word to start an outstanding week.
Thanks, Jim so powerful!"

"Bishop, the message today was so profound and insightful, full of grace, wisdom & prophecy! "In my Father's house are many rooms", really cut through the streaming computer with the anointing! Thank you for your persistence in teaching us even in this climate of change! We love you so much!"
- LY

"Awesome message Bish ! Can't wait to share ... A great perspective!"

"Today was awesome..I don't know when I have felt the energy in a place as good...

...It's always good but today it was like everyone was connecting into the energy you were sending out with your message."
- FM

"I was watching! I was in tears while listening. I felt the Spirit! During the time you mentioned my situation, and before that too...when you had a word of prophesy and you looked directly into the camera, it felt like you were talking directly to me! I have been feeling pretty low lately...including yesterday, but now I feel uplifted and encouraged! You and Ken's energy is uplifting! I can't thank you both enough!"
- PD

"Today's message was intense. Life altering. I'm undone..crying the 'ugly' cry. I finished watching over 20 minutes ago..and I can't seem to gather myself from the emotional effects of your word this morning. You never fail to deliver a powerful insight, but there are these magical moments when it's so obvious that you have just stepped over onto holy ground. I just want to thank you for taking us IN today."


"Bishop, this is what I heard today. My Father's house has many rooms (options, choices, possibilities, etc.). In other words, (as you've said many times), I put before you a buffet, you get to choose what items you want or don't want....Great Word!"

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