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Thursday, November 20, 2014


Self-sabotage happens when you booby-trap your own brain with the negative trigger points of fear, regret, bitterness and allow your perceptions of your own shortcomings to cause you to overreact to criticism...whenever you struggle, you automatically get down on yourself for all your past challenges...troubles in your relationships remind you of troubles in former ones, and that pulls you right back to them....when you encounter difficult circumstances (which is really just life), you read more into what's going on than with what is really going on...when you have a tough day, it overwhelms you unnecessarily because you inevitably start thinking about the life you could be living now if you just had a different past...the self-inflicted wounds of "shoulda woulda coulda" stay infected, and sustain within your soul an emotional low-grade fever that prevents you from relaxing into your life and just enjoying the journey...

Refuse to let your past hold you back any longer...NOW is what's really all that can decide to stop dwelling on things that happened in your past and re-create/re-write your own life can change the script, and become the hero of your own can opt for an authentic, happy ending to it, and become so focused on that reality that nothing can pull you out of the present moment, and no ghost from your history can haunt your current thoughts and cause you to feel anxious...when you are walking in your "I AM" consciousness, you are limitless in your ability...when you live IN THE NOW, you continually give yourself permission to be in every moment and enjoy the present...

You can turn off the internal video loop that keeps replaying past events in your head..."faith comes by HEARING"...what you hear over and over again you will eventually believe, so you need to understand the story that you’re telling yourself every minute of every day, both verbally and non-verbally...once you understand why you keep telling your story to yourself and to others the way that you tell it, it will be easier to edit it, and allow it to change your life for the better...

Stop complaining about the bad hand that you’ve been dealt, put on the poker face of faith, and play the game of life to doesn't matter that you didn’t have money growing up, the Universe is still filled with abundance, and that abundance is so vast, so limitless, that your sense of lack, or your inherited ancestral poverty mentality is simply irrelevant to your current reality...the abundance will come to you IN THE NOW, and as soon as you catch up with the present and tune your thinking into the frequency of the I AM, you will see the growth doesn't matter that you didn’t get a job that you should have gotten, or lost the good one that you had, you were just making room in your life for something so much better, and that better reality will manifest IN THE NOW...cut yourself free from regrets...they're just weighing you down...NOW IS ALL THAT MATTERS!

Love yourself.
Forgive yourself.
Love your life.
Re-write your story.
Make it work for you...


  1. Mark Alan Fout said...

    Awesome again!!!! Have to share!!!

  2. Deb Perkins Muehlstein said...

    We sure have learnt this from sitting under your teachings...and it brought us both of the bondage from others... For this we say Thanks!

  3. Ann Avion Jackson said...

    I am profoundly Blessed! Being able to sit at the feet of the one who shares his knowledge, blessings and inspirations has changed me in so many beautiful ways...Thank you again..Bless you for sharing heart, mind and most important SOUL...AMEN

  4. Hannah Aaron said...

    Amen! You must have been reading my mail, Bishop! This speaks to my heart completely. I know I am made worthy by Christ's love, but from time-to-time my flesh, my human heart, my imperfections, & my shortcomings reminds me of it... :-(

    Thank you for speaking this Word...God knows my heart...and hears my thoughts...and this has been my conversation with our Father. I know He loves me & wants the best for me & that I should want the best & expect the best for myself. I am responsible for my own life and happiness & I believe the Lord holds us accountable.

    He tells us in the Word how to live a stress-free, drama-free life & more abundantly. No matter my past, what I have done, lost, etc, there's Jeremiah 28: 11...and thank you for reminding me, Bishop.

  5. Dennis L. Hall said...

    Powerful! Oh how I wish I would live this way. I know it's my choice but feels otherwise. Great Word's of Wisdom! to live the way you describe truly Thanks for sharing, Jim, this could really be life altering.

  6. Gina Hay Bryan said...

    Yes. A million times yes!

  7. Ralph Martin said...

    This is so inspiring my friend

  8. "an emotional low-grade fever that prevents you from relaxing into your life and just enjoying the journey..."

    Powerful imagery in those words! I am continuously surprised when I come to the place of seeing a pov influence in my thinking. Sneaky little virus that sucker is!