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Monday, October 27, 2014


"Within this the Love has been brought to its goal, been matured, reached its destiny and is now perfected with us, to the end that we may continuously have confident freedom of speech (the boldness of a citizen to speak publicly without fear of punishment) within the day of sifting and separation (distinction, evaluation and decision; judging; judicial proceeding; or: administering of justice), because just as That One is, we also continuously exist being: within the midst of this ordered System (or: because in this world of culture, religion, economy and government, even we, ourselves, progressively exist – correspondingly as, and to the according level as, That One continuously exists and is progressively being)."
(I John 4:17 - JMNT)

..."because JUST AS THAT ONE IS, we also continuously exist being, within the midst of this ordered System"...JUST AS THAT ONE IS!!!...amazing...think about what that means for a minute...other translations of this verse say "As He is, so are we in this world"'s just an amazing, wonderful, awesome concept, uttered under the inspiration of Spirit, through the Apostle who knew Jesus the best...he said, AS HE IS...not as He was 2,000 years ago, but AS HE IS NOW, so are we IN THIS MATERIAL WORLD!

We are AS HE IS IN THIS WORLD, not just as He was, or even as He will be in the world to come...but AS HE IS SO ARE WE IN THIS PRESENT WORLD...HERE AND NOW!

"HE IS" is just another tense of "I AM", the Creative force that spoke you into existence...the Voice introduced Himself to Moses as the "I AM", which means the Deity who cannot be defined or confined by labels or modifiers ..."You tell them I AM has sent you" are born of that very same I AM...the Scriptures also say, "they who come to God must believe that HE IS" is just as true to realize that they who come to themselves must believe that THEY ARE...that THEY ARE AS HE IS!

"AS HE IS", not as He was or will be, but this present time...the God of the now...the I AM in and of the now...

You can stop second-guessing yourself, and trust your own Divine Creativity when you understand that "JUST AS THAT ONE IS", YOU ARE...

When you grasp and fully settle into believing this amazing concept, your past/present/future issues become are an I AM...not an "I was", or "I will be", but AS HE IS...AS HE IS NOW...AS HE IS RIGHT THIS VERY MOMENT, YOU ARE... you make your home, once and for all, in the ETERNAL NOW where the I AM exists when you finally connect to the energy of this revelation...

"AS HE IS" you can express your own, original ideas, without apologizing for your point of view, or always qualifying your opinion..."AS HE IS" you have the Mind of Christ..."AS HE IS" you are immune to any feelings of unworthiness that anyone would dare try to impose upon one can make you feel one can make believe that you are less than...Jesus said, "Satan has come to me, but he has nothing in Me"..."AS HE IS" you have nothing negative in your thinking or feeling or interior world that someone else could tap into, and use against adversary ("devil") can turn your own insecurities against you, and cause you to self-sabotage, because "AS HE IS" there is no just ARE, because the I AM "IS" excuses apologies for your life required...

As the above quote by Dr. Bartlett affirms, you are a "swirling vortex of limitless potential who is here to shake things up and create something new that the Universe has never seen" other words, "AS HE IS"..."AS THAT ONE IS" are you IN THIS WORLD...low self-esteem is irrelevant for you "AS HE IS"...pettiness and drama is something you have no time for and no interest in, "AS HE IS"...

So embrace your essence...celebrate your very existence...believe in yourself, absolutely...accept your Divinity, fearlessly...recognize that you are born from the I AM...and never, never, never forget for a second that AS HE IS, SO ARE YOU IN THIS WORLD!


  1. Hannah Aaron said...

    Bishop!! Oh my, oh my! Preach! I felt the Anointing and the Presence of God reading this...Amen and Amen! I AM because HE IS! Now!

  2. "fully settle into believing this amazing concept" ... Like into an oversized overstuffed I-never-want-to-get-out-of-this chair... Sooo cool... !