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Sunday, February 12, 2017


"Congratulations Bish!! Awesome experience just hearing you share your servanthood in ministry..."Jim Talks".... Got to love it!!
 “...It's an honor to be in the group of hearers who have been changed by your words…
"Without going into a lot of my own back story... I NEEDED to hear what you said today. It gave life to my dry bones. Congrats and keep shining.
- CM
“...the sharing of the history behind the day all in one place was good…”
"Hey Bish Happy 45th...It was very cool to hear some of the back story of your journey…”
 — BJB
"I really enjoyed it and especially all the stories of back in the day. It catches me up to now because I didn't know you when you were that Holy Ghost preacha. I would have to say God truly saved the best for now because your teaching is so woven in my daily life.”
- FM
"It was great hearing the history of how it began...I've only been a part of this great ministry for 8 years but it seem longer because I feel I have grown so very much in such a short time...I'm glad I have gotten to experience your.teaching in the now and not reading about it in a history book...every round seem to go higher and I can't wait to ride the wave…”

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