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Sunday, August 7, 2016


"A fresh, uplifting word by Bishop Jim Swilley! I finally got to meet him in person. Life flows from his mouth. Out of his belly flows living waters!” <3 <3 :-)”
- CA
" I Love Metron…”
- WB
“...happy 2 years for Metron!!"

"Happy 2 years Metron ! Blessings on many more wonderful years to come! …
- KM
 "Yay! Congrats to you guys!"
- GG
"Happy 2 years Metron Community! Sending celebration from Birmingham today. Love you all!”
- JS

"Congratulations on 2 years! Never missed a message. Metron is my favorite 'two hours' of the week. Seriously, it is. <3
- DS

"Great service. Made me think about at the last supper when Jesus said do this in remembrance of me...he was not saying remember me but saying remember all of us together as being one body of Christ or the re-membering or puting back together the body as one.
 "Time goes by so fast! Can't believe it's been two years!! Congrats!”
"A wonderful beautiful day..."
"That word today.... Wonderful"

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