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Sunday, August 14, 2016

TODAY AT METRON - 2nd Anniversary Celebration - 8/14/16

"Is there life on planet Metron? You bet...there is! New life and in abundance!"
- JS
“...More than an anniversary to celebrate! It was a beautiful day all around
"Two roads diverged down a yellow woods and

 sorry that I could not travel both I chose the road named METRON and that has made the 

difference in my granddaughter and myself had such a great time.

"It was the perfect Day in Piedmont Park to celebrate 2 years with our Metron family! Jon Scott and his band were excellent as always!...I love you and everyone at Metron !”
- KM
"Today just Rocked!…”
 "Lovely day! Thoroughly enjoyed celebrating with my Metron family...Glad to take the trip with you these last two years Bishop Jim Swilley. Great food, fun, music! Just great, being home!”
"Streaming live! Love it! Looks like a spectacular day in Atlanta. Wish I were there..."
- KZ
"Great day for the 2nd anniversary of my bishop's baby....M.E.T.R.O.N. 
I love my family!"

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