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Sunday, January 15, 2017


"...Bishop Jim Swilley...One of your best today. The energy was flowing"
- FM
"Marshall! The Dylan"
 "Love the topic this month...."

Sunday, January 8, 2017


 "It was good to be back ITH* today looking at the map that says "you are here"."
- RM
*"In the house"
 "Excellent message today. Always so on point, even with things I was discussing with a friend this week.  Synchronicity.  Also, wonderful to be back with this wonderful group of people. I missed you all over the holidays, even though they were good."
"Great word today..."
"Marshall never ceases to amaze me!"
- BR
"Think I might have actually found a new church home. 
When the message resonates inside you and the word lingers with you.
- PN

Sunday, January 1, 2017


"This was a great message for the new year and optimistic will be the new word
 in my vocabulary as I apply to my life..."
- BY

"Keeping it very real, yet inspiring”

"Thank you Bishop. I look forward with optimism to a great and wonderful 2017.
- RM

"Looking forward to next Sunday.
- FM

"You're awesome."

Monday, December 26, 2016

METRON CHRISTMAS - 12/24/16, 12/25/16


"Merry Christmas, Bishop Jim! Just saw this evening's One on One. Great message full of Good News! Loved the gorgeous tree in the backdrop. Very beautiful! Hope you enjoy yours this joyous weekend. Blessings and Love!”

- ZK

"Hey Bishop! Wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas. I just watched your Christmas Message and your insights on Oh Holy Night. This has been my favorite carol as well - since discovering God's Grace. But, WOW! The things you spoke in this short message have totally taken my understanding into a New Dimension! Thank you for continuing to lead people into this Truth. I appreciate you more than I could ever express. May 2017 be all that you've Dreamed and may His BEST be yours!”
- RS

"Love your video!"
- AW


"Thank You Bishop Jim Swilley for being that person you are that loves holidays just like we home with your family and friends. God is still with us..watching "IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE"."
- FM

"MAN!!!! U just made my Christmas so bright!!! Just watched ur top 10! Excellent!!!! Thank u for that word!! Love ur guts!! Merry Christmas to u, Ken, and the fam!!!! Xoxo"
- JL

"Great word. You are in our top 10!"

"As you say..'Awesomeness'"
- FM

"Thanks for the video!"

- PT

"Perfect timing! Just got in the car to go see Gkids 🎄... thank you, Bishop"


Monday, December 19, 2016


"What a magical service... The special effects were great,  props to the tech team. Mary did you know is one of my all time favorites, love the beautiful spirit that flowed from Eddie when he sang Beautiful Star Of Bethlehem... Chandra's Worthy is the Lamb gave me chills but no one sings He Lives In Me like she does... That was an unspeakable experience... Omg! I always enjoy hearing about your travels wherever they are & taking us along for the ride... 

Bishop I don't know how you did it, but Thank you for singing O Holy Night... I love hearing your voice & it wouldn't of been complete without it... Peace & blessings, it truly is a wonderful life."

"Today was all around awesome. The singers stirred the energy and pulled us all in. I felt it so strong and so did Doc. I love those kind of moments. I enjoyed all the singers and I must say..It was really special for you to sing today."
- FM
"My God I knew Chandra was multi talented and can sing like no other, but this morning she was a beast, good gracious that lady knows how to get it done and bless people."
"Everyone and everything was great this morning. You all had me crying, 
not hard to do, but Spirit was moving up in Metron today!"
- DM
"...enjoying fellowship with a body of Believers and Lovers of God, Christ and each other!
- FF
"It was a beautiful spirit of worship present this morning!!!..."
- EH

 "It was a Wonderful service today. All the Singing was Wonderful..enjoyed being there!"
- CW
"Great Service today!"
- BB
"Amazing service!"
- DM