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Sunday, October 23, 2016

TODAY AT METRON - 10/23/16

"Today wasssss awesomeeeeee!!"
- HA
"Another FANTASTIC Sunday morning!!!
- JL
"...service was absolutely great today..."
- FC
"Magnificent Word..."
"My mantra every Sunday...Today was the best. I do love this series....So great!"
- FM
"Fabulous message! More keys! Everything will bless me! 
If it doesn't bless me, it isn't finished yet! 
"Awesome teaching"
- FM

Sunday, October 16, 2016

TODAY AT METRON - 10/16/16

" was Awesome!"
- CW
"After Marshall Ruffin got us fired up with The Holy Ghost's Got a Plan for Me, and then got us all teary eyed with his rendition of Somewhere Over the Rainbow as a lead in to your great message reminding us again of more keys to our kingdom, namely that the Living Waters washed away ALL labels! Thank you again for helping reveal the real Jesus!"
 "Today was great!"
- RS
 "Super today."
- FM