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Sunday, June 17, 2018


"Whoohoooo! I loved today - for so many reasons. It was just what I needed! Thanks too for sharing about the cardinal. It was my Dad's favorite bird and just another little "sign" that was meaningful! Anyway, I appreciate and love you so much! Hugs!"
- LD
"Good word rock my universe...Thanks, and happy father's you...
"Happy Father’s Day to one of the greatest spiritual teachers this world has ever had."
"Great Service today! 
Just like a breath of fresh air..."
- CW
"Today was really great. We are on the brink of jumping all in and not looking back. 
Such great insight from our seer."
- FM
"I absolutely love this series!"
- BB

Wednesday, June 13, 2018


"'The Jeykll Experience' deeply affected me, and I was changed by it. I'm not exactly sure how I was changed, in what way...or to what extent. I just know that I was. I know that a cosmic portal was opened in the heavenlies...and I know that its magic consumed us all in personal and unique ways. A moment like this cannot be described in earthly words, it can only be experienced. We were all meant to be there together on that the ending of a day...and at the dawning of a new greet this 'kairos' moment with a kiss. The memory of the glorious encounter is engraved on my soul forever. I believe that its power and presence will be with me always, and all I have to do to escape back there any time I need to is REMEMBER."
- DS

Sunday, June 10, 2018


"That was another great one today
"It was great being back at Metron today!!” 
"Today was so great. The words are getting to be so direct to where we are thriving. I feel the energy of "Metron". It's good for people out there but it's awesome in here” <3 <3 
“...made it in time to hear the NOW word from my awesome Bishop.” 

Sunday, June 3, 2018


"Metron was so power packed this morning. "Look up and beyond"... Every word had such life giving vibrations to carry every promise ever spoken to, through, and about me. Thank you, Bishop Jim Swilley for speaking to us right in the moment."
- FM
"Great message all the way around..."
- ES
"Another beautiful day...Marshall Ruffin artist of month. 
Bishop Jim Swilley bringing the NOW word."
"I'm gonna love this series..."
- BB

Sunday, May 27, 2018


"Love today's music artist."
- BC
"It was a great treat that Bish sang today!"
- CC
"Jim Swilley - A true psalmist who did not disappoint! 
The gifts and callings of God are without repentance. Thank You <3"
"I'm so glad I could be there today. The Sound of Silence series was just what I needed, there is so much in listening to my spirit and trusting what I hear. I always love to hear @jimswilley sing. Thank you for sharing your awesome gift of worship!"
- CC
"...I loved the MESSAGE at CHURCH on today..."
- TB
"Beautiful. And such a blessing to be there."
"Metron was wonderful! You and your guitar--what a treat! When God was passing out gifts..he obviously gave you a double dose. There is nothing you can't do. I loved every minute of the service. From start to finish--every visual, every word spoken, every message within a message..felt like soothing meditation. "There's a sweet, sweet spirit in this place..and I know that it's the Spirit of the Lord.""
- DS

Monday, May 21, 2018


"What a TIME! Thank you all for welcoming us into your sacred moment together as a group! I liken this experience to going to an amazing concert to see the artist you’ve always dreamed of seeing, and while you enjoy it SO tremendously in the moment, you wake up the next morning and immediately feel the force and fullness of the emotion and sensation of the night before and it suddenly registers with you..."I was right there...I really did that...just...Wow!" There’s no way to even measure the magnitude of present and future effects that this beautiful experience has already had on our souls and will continue to have in the future. All I know for absolute certain is that something monumental, significant, and very sacred has been sown into the earth. We truly enjoyed being in the company of you precious people. What a joy and delight each of you are. Thanks for being who you are. Your existence is a gift to our lives. Love to you all!"
- DS

"...What an amazing experience... We entered into a holy place this weekend... From the pink brushed sky of a sunset... Hearts united on an oceans edge... The caw of flying seagulls singing to our frequency... A dried ocean floor preparing a way for us to go deeper into its depths without getting wet... Candle lit flowers bringing an ambience to the night sky ... The melodic soul felt music that made it possible to enter into harmonious meditation,... Physical synergistic movements and stretches allowing us to align our bodies with the universe... To the soft voice of a man who knows truth, showing us how to experience the depths of the universe, a place beyond our imagination...Yes my wonderful family... We have been in a holy place...The butterfly effect has begun to change the atmosphere with a frequency of what was felt from deep within us, changing the universe forever. I love you all... And I can still feel your hearts beating with mine…" 
"Words cannot describe the whole weekend experience! We are transformed"
"...I don't know what happened at Jekyll but something shifted in me and I feel it so's not something that anyone else can explain to's something that happens to each one individually I believe."
- FM
"And he has made us to sit in heavenly places...Meditation weekend...Jekyll island...
Angels gathered."
"I can feel healed from our time together..."
- LT
“...had an Awesome Meditational weekend at 

Jekyll with Bishop Jim and Metron people... 

Thank you all for the Positive Energy each of 

you brought to this Gathering!"

- RM
"Mindful, Self-care, Unity, Peace, Purpose, Renewal, Healing, Happy, Connected
- BB
“…Exceeded my expectations…
"Words Can't Describe this weekend...."
- BB
"I didn't know how much I needed to be there until I got back home..."
- ES