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Sunday, February 21, 2016


"Great vibe in the building today... Love Judah's Romeo & Juliet... Very cool! 
What a beautiful Spirit in worship.... Great word, Judah, His Grace is Amazing! 
Really enjoyed last week's challenge...looking forward to this week's. 
The message today was very thought provoking & it gives me a lot to think on...thanks for always stretching us... Peace & blessings as we continue this journey together "
"'In A Beginning' Tuning Your Life To The Vibration of Creativity!!!! Awesome word"
"Thank you for today's teaching. I loved it! 
A lot of things you said have been rolling around in my spirit for years."
"I know you know this but I was meditating on your message today and Matthew 5:17, 18 spoke to me. Jesus spoke about heaven and earth passing away. Could it be that he was talking about the way we perceive heaven/universe, and our planet earth in relationship to all that is out there?"

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