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Sunday, July 12, 2015


"Bishop you don't know how much I look forward to & need my Sunday mornings... To feel the energy & love that flows so freely it's a time that I cherish to be with my Metron family... Thanks for always bringing a word that makes us grow & rethink... Peace & blessings..."
"Wow.... Loved me some Paulette... But Oh what a Psalmist."
"I go to Metron not as a ritual, but more like a junkie might attend a support group. I know if I miss a session, I'll be okay, but there is a strength I gain from the people who seem happy to see me. I feel better making them know I also am glad to see them. There is a unique energy that happens every time I'm there that gets me through the following week. The words that are spoken, the artist that sings, together get inside my head and bring something out of me that I need either to remove or to remember to use the that I forgot, or show me something in a new way that heals an old wound. All in all Metron, especially for me, many visits, is a life saver. Keep doing what you do Jim Swilley, it's working!"
"...Your message today looking at the stars and not the sand was tremendous..."
"...This is one of my favorite activities, and why I 'get out and drive to Midtown'..."
  • "Today was another great message. It gets better and better. I meant it was awesome."

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