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Monday, May 11, 2015


"FREEDOM. It feels so good. Freedom to love everything about myself. I stand with my head held high. I am honored to love such a beautiful person: Me, Myself, and I. Bishop Jim Swilley is AMAZING! The teaching on self esteem today was again life changing. Bishop is a "bad" man in a good way. I am happy y'all and its for real. At times I wish I could sit at bishops feet and say, Feed me more so I can truly "LIVE". Live in the freedom he's living "IN THE NOW". Surely, I'm getting there daily. Seek and you shall find. I love Metron! All is well. I am safe"
 "Metron makes me feel celebrated every time...I've never left a service feeling less! Love to you all" 
 "Love your mom... So funny... But I love what she said about having 2 sons... She's a jewel!"

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