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Sunday, May 3, 2015


"Wow...Wow...Wow... Loved Marshal... Not only his uniqueness but the vibration that exudes from him"
"Amazing, Marvelous, Breath taking service on today. I encountered a not so good situation on yesterday with my son and someone wanted me to look at him in a negative way. NOT SO. I speak positive when it comes to my children. What you see is not what I get. Thanks bishop for a right now word. I'm going in the right direction. Thanks for going back teaching some things that has already been taught. I'm new so I need it. I love you. My life is changing. This message was AMAZING! Good stuff. I'm going to definitely sow into your life and the ministry. I love you and love the way you lift Ken up as well in front of us all. You lead by example. I'm blessed at Metron. Hugs and kisses. I am going to dance and celebrate when I get home. Oh and the singer Marshall was awesome today. He went high, low, left, and right. Lol. All is well. I am safe."
"It was so good physically being at Metron today!! The message was spot on...
I had been thinking about the same ideas all week! 
It was great being back!"


  1. Darlene L'amour Swilley said...

    Looks awesome! !

  2. Richard Russell Jr. said...

    Excellent music and word!