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Sunday, February 1, 2015


 "I think today was the first time I have heard him sing alone, he was awesome, especially the first song he sang!"
- CW
"Bishop, I'm not a meat & potatoes girl, but I had a healthy portion for breakfast this morning. That word at Metron today was a FEAST! Thank you & keep it coming......"
"Wonder filled vibrating word today! Super next level!!"
  • "I love that we never get the same ole same ole, prayer is amazing, it deserves the same positive beauty in teaching that it gives back to us".
"Keys of the Kingdom and Health 'God, I believe that I'm healed of xyz in Jesus name.' You said today "... ***John 16.24 Ask and keep on asking.  Persistent prayer... Unjust  judge.... Knock and keep on knocking... The persistent prayer has to do with a lifestyle. Stop obsessing over it. *** Lifestyle! There is one of my missing Keys to my Kingdom. Well, it's not missing anymore. 
Thank you."
Prayer, Intention and Manifesting Your Best Life!!!!! 
The Kingdom of God is within you  AMAZING word!!!!!!
- PW


  1. Beth Laraine Rehbein said...

    Metron is always great but Jonah brought a great vibe & then Bishop opened his spirit & gave an amazing word. My synopsis: Prayer, Intention, Love, Positive Thoughts all move us in the same direction reaching outside ourselves with the idea of touching another life for good. That in itself is sacred.

  2. Darlene L'amour Swilley said...

    He's gotta be good!! No choice.....♡