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Thursday, February 26, 2015

"Jesus said to them, 'A little while the light (nohra) is with you. Walk while you yet have the light (nohra) so that darkness will not overtake you. He who walks in darkness does not know where he goes. While you yet have the light (nohra) with you, have faith (heymino) in the light (nohra), that you will be children of enlightenment (nohra).' Thus spoke Jesus and went off and hid from them. 'I came as enlightenment (nohra) unto all men (alma) so that whoever completely believes (damheymin) will not stay in darkness. If anyone hears my words and does not observe them, I will not condemn (dain) him, for I came not to condemn (doon) men (alma), but to save men (alma).'"
(John 12:35, 36, 46, 47 - Khaboris Manuscript)

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